MSocial Singapore

Taking luxury to the next level

Let me begin by asking you, what is it that you would love to do when you are on a vacation?
Perhaps, you would like to first have a quick check in at an awesome hotel then get over your jet lag, freshen up a bit and get set for sightseeing? Yes?

I can see you nod in appreciation. And when you are in Singapore and at the MSocial Hotel, your check in is quickest and done completely by you. The cozy inviting rooms will for sure take away all the jet lag within no time and the sightseeing can start within the hotel room itself! Baffled? Let me explain. MSocial is the latest designer Hotel to adorn Singapore’s already heavenly Robertson Quay. It is the latest offering from the Leng’s Collection of Boutique Hotels. It is designed by the most talented and septuagenarian French designer, Phillip Starke.

A little on Phillip and his designing style:
It has to be mentioned here that the French designer’s penchant for the quirky and on your face humor is almost legendary. But what he knows is how to finely balance it with the other elements in the décor. The designer himself who was present at the pre launch of the hotel where a group of journalists from the local media homes alone were entertained gave them a sneak peek into the hotel and its facilities. The reporters later wrote about him saying that the designer’s humor is as quirky as his designing style!
At some places, the hotel looks like a mini museum with lot of styles meeting and merging and standing out. But of course the overall effect is not clumsy or outlandish. The hotel maintains a very casual look in all the interiors. Find out more info about vietnam destinations by visiting

MSocial – A home away from home:
The lobby boasts of a self check in booth. The vacationers need to check themselves in. The hotel staff is warm and welcoming but they are not there to grill the tourists about their booking itineraries. The vacationer can check into his room by himself, scan his own passport and also get the key card from the machine.

The rooms:
This 293 room strong hotel opened its doors only recently on the 9th of June, 2016. The hotel is quite popular with reservations done for almost half a year in advance.
There are four categories of rooms. They have hip names and are called

  1. Nice
  2. Nicer
  3. Big
  4. Bigger

A nice room and a Big room are basic rooms. An addition of private outdoor balcony to both the room type makes them superlative in the category. The balcony can be accessed only from the respective rooms.

The rooms are oh so cozy:
The rooms are warm and overlook the distant quay. The rooms are from 19sqm up to a maximum of 22sqm ranging from the Nice to Nicer and Big to Bigger. The rooms may not be very spacious but it does have all the amenities that will be required. Space in Singapore is at premium and therefore the size of the room is understandably comfortable. The interiors are well done in earthy tone and oozes warmth and sophistication.

The layout of the room is also very pleasing. The nice room can be yours at a rate of US$218/night. An additional US$20 can get you the higher room in that category with a balcony. The rooms are very inviting and the view outside is really relaxing. The designer has designed all the rooms facing the Singapore River and thus has capitalized very well on the location of the hotel. Who does not want to see the sky and the water merging at the far horizon?

Entertainment in the room:
If you have had enough of gaping outside and taking in the lovely view, then a 40 inch television at the mezzanine level and a cozy seating sofa in the room will leave you asking for nothing more. There are hundreds of channels to surf.

But if you are the data hungry kinds, hold your breath. Every room at the hotel comes equipped with a personal smart phone that can be yours exclusively till the time you decide to walk out with your bags. The smart phone has unlimited data on it and can even be carried outside when you go sightseeing. The phone helps you to navigate yourself to nearest tourist attractions and historical places! How wonderful can that be?

Business facilities:
Will you be in Singapore for commerce? Business related trips can be so comfortable at MSocial. The board rooms, its meeting rooms and the AV rooms are fitted with the latest gadgets in communications and welcomes business tourists in its own unique ways. The facilities are so well done that it will be a pleasure to work harder.

Freaking on fitness:
Are you the type who freaks out when there are no gyms around? Gear up. The gym at MSocial is a collection of the latest pumping tools. When you have worked out enough there is a Jacuzzi pool and a warm water pool to relax and soothe your nerves too. The hotel provides complimentary access to its guests to the gym and the pool and there is also a personal trainer and life guard on duty. The latest addition there is the introduction of yoga classes to encourage holistic health.

Yum….M dining:
There is only one dining option inside the hotel and it is called ‘Beasts and Butterflies’. It features cuisines across Asia. The breakfast is complimentary for its guests and generous happy hours stretch a bit long enough in the evening just in case there is any need to down some work pressure (wink).

M for Millenials:
Wondering why it is called MSocial?
The M in MSocial stands for ‘Millenials’. The hotel strives to satiate the Millenials who are always thirsty for great design, awesome ambiance and also greater value for their money. The combination of art, gizmo and mystery will definitely appeal to the present generation. There are activities that are planned every week that almost gives a feeling of a social club.
At its heart that is what the hotel is, a place where the young at heart can socialize and grow..